Terms and Conditions

1. Limitation of Liability:

1.1. By using this tool, you agree to the processing of information associated with your Facebook account.

1.2. All requests are processed only by your browser; data is not transmitted to third parties.

1.3. In case of contacting Facebook support with a request to remove specific functionality, it will be executed.

2. Force Majeure Situations:

2.1. In case of malfunction of any function, notify support for further resolution and updates. It is cautioned that if a function is malfunctioning and cannot be restored, it may be deleted.

3. Buyer:

3.1. Upon familiarizing yourself with the rules and making a purchase, you will receive a unique identifier and a certain number of days of the license.

3.2. When the license period expires, the tool becomes inaccessible.

3.3. Refunds are not provided.

3.4. All possible unlawful actions are PROHIBITED.

4. Other:

4.1. Investigating the tool using developer tools is prohibited.

4.2. It is forbidden to make the tool publicly available. Otherwise, the license will become inactive.

5. Tool Usage:

5.1. The user is responsible for all actions related to their account and the use of the tool.

6. Updates and Improvements:

6.1. The developer may conduct updates and improvements to ensure the stability and efficiency of the tool.

7. Confidentiality:

7.1. The developer commits to preserving user confidential data in accordance with established privacy laws.

8. Ownership and Copyright:

8.1. The user is not permitted to use, modify, or distribute the tool without written permission from the developer.

9. Disclaimer of Warranties:

9.1. The developer disclaims all warranties regarding the provision of the tool in accordance with the law.

10. Changes to Terms of Use:

10.1. The developer reserves the right to change the terms of use without prior notice.

10.2. The user should periodically review the terms to be informed about any changes.